Sunshine Holding Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Sunshine Int'l Tdg Co.,Ltd. is the only professional Chinese integrated enterprise which engages in the processing and exporting of pure natural garlic oil,garlic powder concentrated and garlic oil capsule. ATLAS---known as the patron saint of health---is a Hercules in the renowned Greek mythology. The series of ATLAS garlic oil products are pure natural products without any artificial ingredients, so as to improve human immunity effectively. ATLAS--- the symbolization of our oil products--- is the most powerful patron saint of health.

Sunshine is the earliest Chinese company whose garlic oil products have achieved the American FDA importer registration. It is also one of the earliest enterprises which have got the national approval certificate of health food: No.G20050806 issued by China State Food and Drug Administration. In addition, Sunshine has the only one professional website of garlic oil worldwide:, which helps lead the consumption fashion of health products.

Since it has been founded in 1988, Sunshine keeps exporting natural garlic oil made in China to the international markets, and has nearly 20 years’ experience of exporting and processing. The country-wide processing plants provide the bases of adequate supplies of raw materials; professional research center ensures Sunshine’s advanced technology of garlic oil extraction; the excellent quality control system ensures the high-quality of products. Currently, Sunshine has become the world's largest producer and exporter of garlic oil. ATLAS products have been sold far away in American, European and Southeast Asian markets, and have been deeply trusted by consumers.